1. Water Leak Detection
    Determine in most of all times +/- 500mm where leakage is.
    Do the necessary documentation and repair leaks. Bonties does water leak detection client, insurance and municipalities.
    Bonties has acquired equipment that can pinpoint leaks, even under large amounts of tar road.

    For more information check out these brochures:
  2. Power Failure Detection
    Different methods of location power or electrical problems and do the necessary documentation for private or insurance companies and municipalities
  3. Insurance / Maintenance Inspections
    We are at some insurance companies panels. Further we do it in private capacity and advice if it may qualify for insurance purposes or not.
  4. Blocked Drains
    Quick and very cost efficient drain cleaning Service. We specialize in new technology for cleaning of drains and for private or insurance companies.
  5. Plumbing & Drainage Contractors
    We only use by-laws and code of practice and SABS approved materials. Workmanship is accordingly and only the Standard of Bonties workmanship will apply
  6. Electrical Contractors
    Only Health and Safety act 85 of 1993 and code of practice standards and quality will apply.
  7. Burst Pipe Repairs
    We respond quickly when being requested to repair or replace any of the following:
    • Leaking or burst water pipes.
    • Broken toilets.
    • Leaking or broken taps.
  8. Roof Specialists
    We specialize in different categories of roof erection, stabilizing and load bearing capacities of trusses when installing geysers or solar geysers.
  9. Project Management Services
    Bonties is qualified in projects management services and can give technical advice and reports, also do dwelling inspections and do the necessary documentation.
  10. Solar Geyser Inspectors (According to code practice)
    It is in the favor of the client to make sure the solar is installed and signed of according to the regulations and PIRB constitution.
    If client did install privately or through insurance companies we do accredited inspections and issue the relevant documents necessary. We also submit accredited reports accordingly.
  11. We are also on the insurance panel for inspections, valuations, repairs, geysers and solar geysers.
    Bonties also does private inspections and technical reports as the client requires
  12. Renovations
  13. Training