Maintenance Contracts for homes, businesses, and complexes

What are the Benefits?

  • The maintenance contracts offered can cost as little as R50 per month for a conventional geyser, and R65 for a total solar geyser and or heat pump
  • All items listed in the contract will be repaired without any additional cost to the client
  • Regular services on items such as geysers, solar geysers, heat pumps
  • Electrical DB Boxes, the cause of most house fires, are serviced every 18 months
  • Drainage will be cleaned every 12 to 18 months
  • Maintenance Contracts include items not covered by insurance, giving you peace of mind
  • Bonties will also cover the excess payment (up to R2100) of the insurance claim (If another plumber does the installation the client must invoice me to pay the amount into the clients account)
  • No call-out fees
  • Service contract logs can help back up insurance claims

To find out more about Maintenance Contracts, either as a client or potential contractor please contact us.